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Havest donation to Nuneaton Foodbank


The Nuneaton Foodbank gratefully acknowledges this TREMENDOUS donation of food at HARVEST TIME from pupils, parents, staff and friends of

Milby Primary School


Thank you all very much indeed for your gifts to support those in need in Nuneaton

14th October 2016


Dear Friends at Milby Primary School Nuneaton,


Thank you very much indeed for your recent extremely generous donation of food from pupils, parents, friends and staff, at Harvest Time.

We are extremely grateful to you all for this amazing donation, which will help us tremendously in our ongoing work to support those in need in the Nuneaton Area.

I am sure that you will be interested to learn that during September we have provided 3 days of food for 353 people, which has included 146 children.

We greatly appreciated the help from the team of very polite pupils in loading your amazing donations.

Thank you all again for your wonderful help and support.

Kind regards


David Stanier

Chair of Nuneaton Foodbank Management Committee


Milby Primary School Nuneaton,

with Dave Parr our warehouse manager,

who has been working very hard over the Harvest period with his team of volunteers.