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Awards and assemblies

Milby provides a daily act of collective worship (assembly) for pupils.  This is required by the Education Reform Act 1988:


  • The nature of this collective worship on most occasions during a term will be mainly of a broadly Christian character although not distinctive of any particular denomination.
  • Parents have the right to withdraw their child from collective worship if they wish to do so (Education Reform Act 1988). 


Friday's assembly is our celebration assembly when we celebrate children’s achievements at school!  Friends and family are always welcome to come along and join us on this special occasion.  Celebration assemblies take place on Friday mornings:


Foundation and key stage one: 9.00 - 9.30 am in the East Hall (Star Awards)

Key stage two:  9.00 - 9.30 am in the West Hall (Merit Awards)


At the end of each term we hold special awards that recognise academic achievement or effort and attitude.  We send out details of who will be receiving an award in our newsletters.


At the end of the academic year, we present our Annual Awards.  Children are nominated by their teachers for an award in a range of subjects.  The winners are announced and presented with their award at the ceremony.  Whilst we keep the winners a secret (so it is a surprise for the children!), we always let you know if your child has won so you can arrange to be there. 


Annual Awards Winners 2017


Head Boy: Benedict Lenton     Head Girl: Lily Clements


Key stage two awards

Wendy Copson Cup: Joshua Rowcroft

Beardwell Reading Award: Millie Francis

Gemma Louise Newman Award: Jayden Kendell and Grace Darby

Award for Improvement: Martim Louro

Award for Behaviour: Joshua Peer and Emma Peer

Award for Homework: Amy Allen

Award for Presentation: Rachel Fell

Award for achievement in Maths: Suhana Dhami

Award for achievement in Writing: William Everitt

Award for achievement in Science: Lilly Tromans

Award for achievement in Music: Stanley Nelson

Award for achievement in Art: Nuseba Elshetwi

Award for Sportsmanship: Jack Argyle


Foundation stage/key stage one awards

Excellent behaviour: Jimmy Clements

Outstanding effort: Evie Bailey

Award for Improvement: Bethanie Kibler

Award for Presentation: Luca Parker

Award for Enquiry: Leo Clarke

Award for Creativity: Arthur Slater

Award for Writing: Felicity Watkins

Award for Maths: Jasmine Eaves

Award for Physical Development: Charlie Aldhouse

Award for Reading: Isabella Wheeler


100% Attendance Awards

Jasmine Eaves (FA)

Sophia Turlej (FA)

Imogen Walton (FA)

Reuben Prees (1C)

Alex Brockhouse (1D)

Eve Burford (1D)

Samuel Chatwin (1D)

Sofia Klair (1D)

Maisie White (1D)

Jimmy Clements (2E)

Reilly Cuddy (2E)

Maisie Robinson (2E)

Sam Wildsmith (2E)

Iree Awotunde (2F)

Reece Massingham (2F)

Evan Newbury (2F)

Isla Hatton-Taylor (3H)

Grace Merrick (3H)

Fred Nelson (3H)

Oliver Ross (3H)

Scarlett Jones (4I)

Harvey Gregg (4J)

Freya Krauth (4J)

Charlie Nally (4J)

Evie Sullivan (4J)

George Tarr (4J)

Lewis Taylor (4J)

Chloe Duggins (5K)

James Duncan (5K)

Niamh Merrick (5K)

Millie Rowley (5K)

Eleanor Coulter (5L)

Oliver-James Garner (5L)

Jared Hall (5L)

Benedict Lenton (5L)

Callum O’Toole (5L)

Ellie Falconer (6M)

Millie Francis (6M)

Ellis Holder (6M)

Tori Morris (6M)

Joshua Peer (6M)

Suhana Dhami (6N)

Casey Hope (6N)