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Year 3

Welcome to year 3


The year 3 team for 2021/22 consists of Mrs Spence (3G), Mrs Johnson (3H), along with our teaching assistants Mrs Grimstead and Mrs Bi (3G) and Mrs Holder and Mrs Carty (3H).



Year 3 PE days are Tuesday and Thursday.  Please familiarise yourself with our uniform policy in relation to PE, including health and safety requirements linked to jewellery.


Please ensure that your child brings in a water bottle and their reading book/record, as well as their link book, every day.


Please ensure that any belongings are labelled - it makes it easier to return when left around school.



Ancient Egypt

This half term, our topic is all about Ancient Egypt. The children will learn about the importance of the River Nile; Egyptian gods and their roles; how a mummy is made and much much more.  Following on from  studying volcanoes, during shared reading sessions the children will be reading and playing text detectives using a range of non-fiction texts all about the historical findings on Ancient Egypt.


The children will also be learning about plants within their weekly science sessions and also how to play a violin through upbeat sessions on a Friday.  


Follow the links below to find out more about this half term's topic


Year 3 knowledge organiser

Home learning

Please use the link below to find your education city home learning tasks for this week.

Upbeat violin lessons (May 22)

This term, year 3 will be receiving free violin lessons as part of their music curriculum from Warwickshire County music.  These sessions have started positively already with children learning the names of the strings, various parts of the instrument and performing a couple of songs already through plucking.  We cannot wait to learn more about the instrument and for the children to improve their techniques.

Science fair (April 22)

Year 3, were set the challenge to make six self propelling cars.  This meant they could not use batteries or motors.  This did not faze the children one bit and they thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, the frustrations and the investigating different materials, strategies and designs.  They all performed amazingly within their teams and produced some brilliant cars.  After the challenge was completed, the whole school was invited to take a look at what they have each been investigating within their year groups as part of a Milby science fair.

World Book Day (March 22)


This year, the children were invited to not only dress up as their favourite book character but to also participate in a potato character competition.  Year 3 really took the challenge on board and here are a few of their fantastic designs.  Amazing work everyone who participated in dressing up and for the incredible potatoes.  Well done year 3!

Pancake day (March 22)


In year 3, the children have been learning about different religious festivals and how they are celebrated.  One of the festivals the children have been learning about is Easter.  To submerge the children and their understanding they all participated in making and eating pancakes while discussing Lent.  They all have an amazing afternoon finding out about why Christians celebrate this festival and flavouring their pancakes.  Some children have even decided to give up something such as biscuits or ice cream in the run up to Easter.

Museum trip (February 22)

As part of the children's learning on key events which have happened in British history and using timelines, year 3 took a bus to our local museum.  They learned about different eras in history, investigated artefacts and used information to break codes in order to answer key questions about these periods in time.  Every child had a fantastic morning and came away with new knowledge, deeper appreciation for history and had a great time working as a team.

Internet Safety Week (February 22)

This week, during safer internet week the children learned how to keep safe online using the acronym SMART to help them.  They thoroughly enjoyed the book about Webster's bedtime and how even electronic items need to rest their weary eyes in the evenings.  During their ICT lesson, they answered internet safety questions and deepened their understanding further.

Children's Mental Health week (February 22)

Children’s Mental Health Week is organised by the Place2be charity during the week February 7th-13th.  This year’s theme is ‘Growing Together’.  It is a great time to look back and appreciate what  makes the children feel happy and safe, and how everyone can help others on their journeys in the future.   The children in year 3, have looked at what mental health is and discussed ways they can effectively manage their choices and how this can affect their feelings.  To promote good mental health this week, the children have engaged in a variety of activities which can be seen in the slideshow above.


Christmas crafts (December 21)

The children all really enjoyed making a variety of Christmas crafts this term.  In design technology, they each made their own decoration in the form of a cactus which can be hung in their homes.  They used a variety of skills to make their cactus.  The children started by looking at materials, cactus pictures and practised a variety of stitched before performing different stitches including the blanket stitch to complete their product.  Furthermore, they made stained glass windows, calendars and cards within art and design sessions.

Dioramas in art and design (October 21)

During the autumn term, the children learned about how humans shared knowledge and communicated during the stone age.  They have created beautiful cave art drawings, pictures and applied these to their own diorama, including an image of themselves inside the cave.

Black History month (October 21)

At Milby, each class chose a significant black person in history to research and learn about for Black History month.  The children all loved walking around the West Hall finding out who each class researched and learned about.  This was hugely popular and the children enjoyed the opportunity to learn about a number of significant people in history.

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