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The year 2 team for 2020/21 consists of Miss Cox (2E) and Miss Cunningham (2F), along with our teaching assistants Mrs McGrevey (2E), Mrs Richardson (2E) and Mrs Carty (2F).

A pirate's life for me! - summer term (1)

Ahoy there, me hearties!  This half term, the children will be setting sail over the seven seas to hotter destinations where treasure is everything and hygiene is not.  The children will be discovering the unknown realms of piracy, famous pirates and treasure mapping.  We hope they don't get too seasick onboard the vessel.

Year 2 current maths learning

Underneath we have uploaded information about the maths unit the children are currently looking at.  The vocabulary and key learning strands are detailed on this page.  This week's unit is all about fractions.

Pirate day (May 2021)

To end the half term and the Pirate's Life For Me topic, year 2 had a pirate themed activity day.  All of the children, completed a series of quests such as finding out who stole the missing scroll using their maths skills, learning some sea songs and making their very own hook.  The day was a huge success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Science: KS1 Materials Workshop

This half term, key stage one met scientist Jenny Watson from the Ogden Trust. All of the children from Year 1 and Year 2 participated in an exciting workshop where they learnt all about classifying and grouping materials.


We all enjoyed meeting Jenny and we thought of a variety of different questions we could ask her about her role as a scientist and about science. After talking to Jenny, we used a variety of different materials to carry out tests and investigations into observe the different properties of materials. 

Science: Young Gardeners  (May 2021)

This term, year 2 will be learning all about plants and germination. We have already been getting our hands dirty and had an excellent time planting a range of different seeds in pots, trays and planters. 


As well as growing plants,  we will be looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. Year 2 will be raising caterpillars from small eggs to beautiful butterflies. Everyone in class will be observing them over time and describing their changes.


World Book Day 2021 (Apr 21)

This year, year 2 chose to wear either their favourite book character costume or their comfy clothes.  The children all brought in a book of their choice and were able to read it through the day.  During the day children heard different adults from across the school reading extracts from a book - but masked.  The children had to guess who the masked reader was.  This proved very tricky but hugely popular.  The day was a huge success and all of the children had a fantastic day.  We hope you all have a rested, enjoyable Easter break and look forward to seeing you all upon your return in two weeks.

Creative learning (Mar 21)

This term, the children have been busy being very creative in science, English and in art and design.  They have tested different materials to find the most suitable material for a parachute, they have made sculptures using play dough and other materials they could find around the classroom and finally they have made paper hot air balloons.  What a busy half term!

Lockdown learning (Feb 21)

The children have all worked extremely hard over the last eight weeks and the year 2 team are incredibly proud of each and every one of you.  Here is some of the lockdown learning you have completed.  You are all superstars!  Well done year 2!

Christmas performance (Dec 2020)

The children have all really enjoyed learning their parts and performing The Stickman by Julia Donaldson this half term.  They all put on an absolutely fantastic performance.

Design technology (Nov 2020)

Year 2 have been busy exploring the text The Elves and The Shoemaker this half term.  At the end of the story, they made the elves a new set of clothes to thank them for their hard work.  As such, year 2 decided to do the same.  Starting with looking at items of clothing and the seasons in which the clothes are usually suitable for.  The children have then designed and improved their own model clothes range.  This week, the children made their designs a reality using different colours and materials to make their final product.  They are extremely proud of themselves, and so they should be.

Science (Oct 2020)

This half term, the children have been learning about habitats and micro habitats.  This week, they took their learning outside.  In the wooded area, they found plenty of bird's nests, over turned logs with plenty of mini beasts living underneath including centipedes and woodlouse, as well as spider webs across branches.  They had a great time exploring and finding these while plotting them on an aerial photograph of the school.

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