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The year 2 team for 2018/19 consists of Mrs Finch (2E) and Miss Cunningham (2F), along with our teaching assistants Miss Pallett (2E), Mrs Billa-Patel (2F) and Mrs Short (2F).


This term, the children will be exploring texts written about pirates.  Children will be writing their own pirate poetry and composing a non-chronological report all about piracy and famous pirates of the past.

Useful websites for maths


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Ryton Pools Country Park (July 2019)

Year 2 visited Ryton Pools Country Park for our pirate themed day. We spent the day with our pirate Captains (Captain Craig, Captain Ben and Captain Jenny) making pirate hats, exploring the pirate trail with our treasure maps to locate Blackbeard's lost treasure and hunting for insects in the minibeast area. The sun was shining all day and the children thoroughly enjoyed all the outdoor learning opportunities!

Infant Choir (June 2019)

On Wednesday 26th June some of our year 2 children took park in the County Music Service Infant Choir. They sang beautifully and made their teachers very proud!


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Caterpillar life cycle (June 2019)


As part of the children's science curriculum, they have been observing the changes from a tiny caterpillar which arrived in our classrooms on Monday 3rd June.  The children will be monitoring their changes as they shed their skeletons, eat the food to grow longer and spin silk in the tubs.  Children will be taking photographs, writing observational descriptions  when they change to the next stages and later in the term releasing five (hopefully) butterflies in order to start the life cycle again.


Update: 2F have five butterflies all safely hatched.  We released three of them into the wild and still have two which weren't ready as they hatched later in the week.


Update:  2E released our 5 butterflies into the wild. The children enjoyed watching them find the opening in our net and then fly off in to the trees. Some butterflies were braver than others and flew off quickly while others took their time and explored their new world. 

Room on the broom witch's hats (May 2019)

This term as part of the children's art and design, they learned how to sculpt hats out of clay using clay and water.  They all had a fantastic time learning how to manipulate the material using the heat from their hands to mould the shape of their desire.  The children then painted a design of their choice onto the hats and glazed them with a PVA mixture.

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Australia Day (Apr 2019)


To finish our spring topic the children explored Australia with a series of tasks.  They started the day writing a weather report as if they were a news broadcaster, they created beautiful dot painting in the style of aborigines and they learned some new cricket skills with an All Stars coach. In the afternoon, they carried on with their creative learning more information about Australia, making jelly fish, filming their weather reports and rounded the day off with a tea party to celebrate Australian independence.  The children all thoroughly enjoyed the topic day, especially when they got to visit the kitchen area with Mrs Cooke where they baked a traditional lamington recipe.  

World Book Day (Mar 2019)

This year for World Book Day, the children enjoyed reading a variety of different texts, dressed up as their favourite book character and as a school we held a series of Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) sessions throughout the day to promote a love of reading.  The children shared their favourite book and why they like it.  Children also had the opportunity to submit a book review about their favourite book to Mr Archer and Mrs Coates.

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Science walk (Mar 2019)

We went on a walk in the local area to look for micro-habitats. We found ladybirds, birds in nests, beetles, spiders and much more!

Science learning (Spr 2019)

During our 'Living things and their habitats' topic we experimented with broad beans to try and grow our own beanstalks. First, we planted our beans in a plastic wallet with water and kitchen paper so they had food. Then we chose a place to keep our beans so we could compare the effects of different environments.

Golden eggs! (Feb 2019)

As part of our Twisted Tales topic, the children made their own golden egg using papier mache and gold paint.  They thoroughly enjoyed getting messy to create their master pieces!

Spring learning (Feb 2019)

After the Christmas holiday, there was an awful devastation left in our classrooms.  We found giant muddy footprints, huge leaves and upturned tables.  Using our investigative skills we discovered it was the giant who had climbed down the beanstalk to chase Jack.

FOM Christmas Craft afternoon (Dec 2018)

Children in Need 2018 (Nov 2018)

100 years of Remembrance (Nov 2018)

Year 2 contributed artwork and information writing to the whole school display to mark the centenary of the First World War.

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Design and Technology (Oct 2018)

The children all built a house to create our giant model of Pudding Lane! 

The Great Fire of London (Oct 2018)

We designed and built our own Tudor houses so we could create our replica of Pudding Lane in 1666. We then recreated the great fire of London to show how quickly the fire spread.  

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