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How to get help while school is closed

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Welcome to year 2


The year 2 team for 2019/20 consists of Mrs Merrick (2E) and Miss Cunningham (2F), along with our teaching assistants Mrs McGrevey (2E) and Mrs Billa-Patel (2F).

Let's go fly a kite!


This half term, the children will be learning all about The Victorians.  They will be using non-fiction texts to research Queen Victoria and Emily Davison.  They will then be writing their own fact files about these famous historical figures based on their fact-finding.   Children will also be designing, making and evaluating their own kite in design technology.  Furthermore, the children will be comparing London now and then by looking at how the city has changed.

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Year 2 home learning (30.03.20-05.04.20)


We hope that everyone is keeping safe and well at home.


We have included some tasks to complete on Education City (5 English, 5 maths and 2 science).  Children need to log into their accounts, where the tasks will have been uploaded weekly for the children to read through and complete.  These tasks will go live on the website from Monday until Sunday.  The teachers will be reviewing the tasks regularly to ensure that they are completed.


Below we have also included some tasks which are to be completed one step at a time in the children's home learning book.  We have set a series of written tasks to build up to an extended piece of writing; on top of this there is also a creative task. 


These tasks will be based upon our Let's go fly a kite (The Victorians) topic.

Y2 home learning pack


Underneath we have uploaded information about the maths unit the children are currently looking at.  The vocabulary and key learning strands are detailed on this page.  This week's unit is all about fractions - wholes, halves and quarters.  Children will be looking at halves and quarters of shapes and numbers. The children will be building upon their understanding of sharing and grouping in division to find equal parts of a whole.

Science Week (Mar 2020)

This week year 2 have really enjoyed learning about the first voyage to Antarctica.  The children have been busily finding out facts about Edward Bransfield and his courageous expedition to our world's coldest, windiest and driest continent.  They have put themselves in place of Edward and written a diary entry as if they were him in the 1800's, they have also completed a science experiment to see which material makes the strongest boat as well as learning all about our diverse planet.  Year 2 have thought about and discussed how incredible and diverse our planet truly is ranging from Antarctica to our back gardens.  As a result they have all designed posters showcasing the diversity we have here on Earth in order to hopefully win the Science week competition.

World Book Day (Mar 2020)

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book character for World Book Day and taking part in lots of book themed activities during the day.

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Art environmental walk (Feb 2020)

This half term, the children in year 2 will be learning about Andy Goldsworthy who is a famous British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist.  All of his pieces of work are site specific using what he can find on the land in natural and urban settings.  Year 2 will be recreating their own piece of art using the land around them and Andy Goldsworthy as inspiration.

Tudor houses (Jan 2020)

Great fire of London topic day (Jan 2020)

We had a fantastic day exploring the different jobs people did during the time of the great fire of London. The children had a go at candle making, using a pestle and mortar, leather marking, weaving and writing with a quill. Then during the afternoon they became archaeologists and examined evidence to find out about the people who lived in Tudor times.

Yoga in year 2 (Jan 2020)

This term, Jo T is visiting year 2, thanks to Friends of Milby who have organised 6 weekly sessions for each class.  Year 2 have luckily been chosen to go first and have thoroughly enjoyed their first session.  This half term 2F will be having their turn on a Monday and after half term 2E will begin their 6 weeks.  The children can't wait for the next session.

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Christmas in year 2 (Dec 2019)

The children in year 2 have really enjoyed their Christmas crafts afternoon and thank Friends of Milby for all of their hard work organising such a fabulous afternoon.  This term the children in year 1 and 2 worked really hard to learn lots of singing lines, solos, dances and lines for their Christmas performance and the whole year 2 team would like to say a huge thank you to the parents and children for their hard work.


We hope you all have a lovely break with your families and wish you a Merry Christmas from us all!

Children in Need (Nov 2019)

Thank you to all of our parents for supporting this year's Children in Need, we had a very successful day.  All of the children enjoyed the events that ran through the course of the day.


The coin trail was a big success with 2F reaching a whopping length of 27.6m

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Anti-Bullying week 2019

This year, for Anti-Bullying week year 2 designed a pair of odd socks, decided what they believed to be friendly and unfriendly behaviours and acted out how to respond to bullying behaviours they may encounter.  The children acted very maturely and understood this year's theme of 'Change starts with us'.

The Day the Crayons Quit (Nov 2019)

This half term the children have been taking on the role of different stationery within the classroom.  In the book all of the crayons have quit because they are unhappy with the way they are being used, the children created some freeze frames to portray how they think the crayons were feeling. 

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Everybody Writes (Oct 2019)

The Flower written by John Light and illustrated by Lisa Evans


The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and producing the work you see on display. They have all participated in an Everybody Writes week.  The children have created at least three   pieces of writing, read the story, produced art work and learned new things in relation to this ‘deceptively simple and haunting book’. 


Year 2 Writing Key Objectives

Year 2 Maths Key Objectives