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Year 2

Welcome to year 2


The year 2 team for 2019/20 consists of Mrs Merrick (2E) and Miss Cunningham (2F), along with our teaching assistants Mrs McGrevey (2E) and Mrs Billa-Patel (2F).

Lost in a good book!

This half term, the children will be exploring three different texts: The Day the Crayons Quit, Memory Bottles and The Dragon Machine.  They will be using these texts to guide their own writing across fiction and non-fiction texts.   Children will also be designing, making and evaluating their own moving pictures in design technology using levers and hinges.  Furthermore, the children will be continuing to find out more about the world in geography and science widening their understanding of animals around the world.

Children in Need (Nov 2019)

Thank you to all of our parents for supporting this year's Children in Need, we had a very successful day.  All of the children enjoyed the events that ran through the course of the day.


The coin trail was a big success with 2F reaching a whopping length of 27.6m

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Anti-Bullying week 2019

This year, for Anti-Bullying week year 2 designed a pair of odd socks, decided what they believed to be friendly and unfriendly behaviours and acted out how to respond to bullying behaviours they may encounter.  The children acted very maturely and understood this year's theme of 'Change starts with us'.

The Day the Crayons Quit (Nov 2019)

This half term the children have been taking on the role of different stationery within the classroom.  In the book all of the crayons have quit because they are unhappy with the way they are being used, the children created some freeze frames to portray how they think the crayons were feeling. 

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Everybody Writes (Oct 2019)

The Flower written by John Light and illustrated by Lisa Evans


The children have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and producing the work you see on display. They have all participated in an Everybody Writes week.  The children have created at least three   pieces of writing, read the story, produced art work and learned new things in relation to this ‘deceptively simple and haunting book’. 



Underneath we have uploaded information about the maths unit the children are currently looking at.  The vocabulary and key learning strands are detailed on this page.  This week's unit is all about multiplication and division.

Year 2 Writing Key Objectives

Year 2 Maths Key Objectives

Year 2 autumn curriculum newsletter 2019