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The Year 5 team consists of Mrs Nagra (5L) and Miss Brookes (5K) and our teaching assistants Mrs Nathwani, Mrs Grimstead and Mrs Compton.







This half term, the children will be exploring the hydrosphere.  We have begun our topic by considering the fact that although 71% of our planet is covered in water, 97% of this is found in the oceans as salt water.  Whilst about 2.2% occurs as solid ice sheets, there is less than 1% available as fresh water!  The children will now explore major oceans and rivers  as well as consider how water moves through our atmosphere in a cycle.  Finally, the children will consider the bigger picture of protecting our environment against threats such as plastic pollution and shortages of water.  Keep watch for some powerful writing and amazing art work linked to our topic.

Homework 08.11.19

Year 5 Spellings 08.11.19


Please find attached an image that shows key information for year 5's third maths unit on addition and subtraction. We hope you find this informative and helpful as you support your child's learning at home.
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Writing Key Objectives Year 5

Maths Key Objectives Year 5

Year 5/6 Curriculum spelling List

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