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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


The year 5 team consists of Mrs Coates (5L) and Miss Brookes (5K) and our teaching assistants Mrs Billa-Patel and Miss Gospel. 

Our current topic in Year 5 is Water, Water Everywhere! 

Within this topic we shall be undertaking a 'Reading into Writing' project where all of our English and Theme work will be linked to one text. The text for now is a highly guarded secret that will only be revealed at the end of the project. This is so that the children can be fully engaged in the extracts from the text with no prior knowledge or misconceptions to inhibit their thoughts, opinions and predictions. 

During our afternoon sessions, we shall be completing work around the water cycle and developing our understanding of how water is such an important resource for our planet. We shall also be looking at the work of famous artists, such as Monet, and trying to recreate some of their most famous works using water colour paints. 

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