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Year 6

Welcome to year 6


The year 6 team for 2021/22 consists of Mr Whitehouse and Mrs Coates (6M), Miss Gudgeon (6N) and our teaching assistants are Mrs Diethrich (6M) and Mrs Dhami (6N). 


Class 6M have PE on a Thursday and Friday.  6N has PE on a Wednesday and Friday.  Homework is set and returned for both classes each Friday.


The children will be focusing on the fantastic adventure story: Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.  They will also be exploring our planet and the extreme world we all live in.  The children will be investigating the different climates in the world and how climate change has affected how the world has changed.


More information about these things can be explored through these links:



Condover Hall 2022

Thursday 23rd June (Day 4)

The children slept very well last night after another full day of exciting activities and it took the promise of another tasty breakfast to encourage them up and out of their beds.  Today's breakfast was the usual cooked choices of toast, eggs, beans and an additional choice of bacon.  The children also could choose a belgian waffle to enjoy with their breakfast along with the usual choices of cereal and fresh fruit.

The morning's activities included challenging themselves to ascend to the top of the climbing wall.  This activity required children's balance and strength with large amounts of bravery to challenge themselves to reach the top.  Some groups also used these skills to complete the trapeze challenge.  It involved climbing a narrow, high pole and, once at the summit, children had to find the courage to stand and leap off to catch a bar.  It was amazing to see the children's courage and really challenging themselves with this.

Today's lunch menu was a popular one.  The children could choose from pork and stuffing rolls with apple sauce or chicken nuggets accompanied by fries and fresh salad.

In the afternoon, the children enjoyed the survival challenge.  This included den building in the woods, survival skills and starting their very own fire by just using stones.  Other groups completed their trapeze challenge whilst some groups also tested their senses and teamwork skills on the sensory challenge course.

On the menu for dinner today was a delicious chicken souvlaki with pita bread and tzatziki dip or a three cheese pizza with potato wedges.  The dessert was a creamy mango cheesecake too.

For their final evening activity, the children have been set the challenge of designing and creating a box to protect an egg.  The egg is to be dropped from the very top of one of the climbing towers and has to survive the fall.  The instructors here will be hoping for strong designs as they will be waiting below (wearing safety helmets)!

The children have also had an opportunity to visit the small shop today and purchase some lovely gifts for their families.

Tomorrow is the final day here at Condover Hall and the children will participating in activities before a final lunch together.  They have made some fantastic memories this week and thoroughly enjoyed their time here.  There have been many smiles, lots of laughter and some new skills learned throughout the week.

Wednesday 22nd June (Day 3)

Today, the children enjoyed a later start to their day because of our later breakfast slot.  Today's breakfast choices included the usual cooked brekafast choice which also included mushrooms, cereals, fresh fruit or a pain au chocolat (very popular!)

The weather has, once again, been glorious and the sun has burned bright all day.  This morning's activities included kayaking on the lake.  All the children were able to row and steer their kayaks around the lake really carefully and they tried their hardest to stay dry!  The children also turned their hand to some fencing skills.  They learned the key moves of parry and riposte to compete against each other in a small competition.  Some groups also enjoyed sharpening their teamwork and problem solving skills on the initiative challenges.

For lunch, the children enjoyed the pasta bar where they could choose a different flavoured sauce to go with their pasta or piri-piri chicken with new potatoes.  As usual, there was plenty of fresh salad and fruit to also choose from too.

Children also tested their nerve and bravery on the aerial trek today.  This is a challenging assault course set high up in the sky where they needed their balance, strength and skill to complete the course.  These skills were also need for the multi vines today.  Here, children have to make their way to the top of a series of different methods whilst also crossing different balance beams and rope bridges.

The evening meal was a delicious choice of sausage (including meat free), fluffy mash, peas, yorkshire pudding and gravy.  Children could also choose fish fingers to compliment this meal and the pudding was chocolate ice-cream with different sauces.

This evening, the children have watched the sun go down and enjoyed a campfire by the lake.  They have been singing songs, playing games and even shared some of their own special talents.

The children are having fantastic fun here and really enjoying everything that Condover has to offer.  Tomorrow, they will continue with the exctiting activities throughout the day and they will also be visiting the shop to purchase gifts and souvenirs too.

Tuesday 21st June (Day 2)


Today, the children were clearly very excited to start the day and woke early for their breakfast.  Breakfast always includes cereal and fruit and today's menu also included scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, beans and sweet porridge. 

Each group enjoyed the speed and challenge of the high zip wire today.  After initial attempts, the children enjoyed creating different shapes to zoom down to the base.  Some groups enjoyed using their senses on the wet and muddy sensory trail.  Using their teamwork and communication skills, children had to navigate a tricky course through the woods whilst blindfolded.  

On the menu for lunch today were jacket potatoes with a wide variety of toppings.  The children could also choose a homemade hot sausage roll with melon and orange for dessert.

Following lunch, some groups completed the low ropes challenge course and had to work together to complete the team challenges to get to the end.  Any children that completed the low ropes with the most water were rewarded the special treat of soaking their instructor!  It was the turn for some groups to use their aiming and dodging skills in the laser conquest whilst other groups enjoyed facing their fears at the top of the abseiling wall, before walking carefully down the wall to the ground.

The evening meal choices were a big hit and children could select from a burger (meat or vegetarian) or sweet and sour chinese chicken and noodles.  However, I think the huge doughnuts for pudding were the most popular.

This evening, the children have competed against each other in a mini olympic challenge.  Various events have kept everyone involved and only the most supportive teams were successful. 

The weather has been fantastic here and the children are adapting to the busy timetable and fast pace that each day brings.  They have their fingers crossed for another glorious day of sunshine tomorrow whilst out on the lake in the kayaks.

Monday 20th June (Day 1)


The group arrived at Condover Hall in beautiful weather and were able to fully appreciate the magnificant grounds.  All of the children were shown to their bedrooms and dropped off their luggage before setting out for a quick tour of the site.  The children met their instructors for the week and were taken to their afternoon activity. 

Group 1 and group 2 started with the laser conquest.  Using their sharp aiming and dodging skills to try and outscore their opponents in the inflatable laser maze.  Group 3 tested their nerve on the high rope challenge of multi vines.  They were using their balance and strength to get across the challenging rope vines.  Group 4 were also testing their bravery on the abseiling wall.  Stepping out over the edge before skilfully walking backwards down the wall.

This evening, all of the children have worked together in teams to complete the runaround quiz around the Condover site.  This can be very challenging but all of the children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves whilst carefully working together as a team too.

Grammar revision

Home learning: CGP books (1st July - 8th July 022)

Home learning: Education City

Learning showcase

Macbeth freeze frames (January 2022)

The children explored different parts of the text and enjoyed creating a sequence of freeze frames.  They worked in groups to develop character, performance and dramatic positioning in order to portray the key elements from the story.

Coco Chanel inspired bags (December 2021)

The children enjoyed learning about great leaders that have influenced the world.  They use the inspirational tale of Coco Chanel to design and create bags.  They were able to practise and then apply their sewing skills to the process before finally modelling the finished article.

Clockwork freeze frames (October 2021)

The children focused on the thrilling adventure story Clockwork by Philip Pullman.  They explored how the different characters felt at a vital part of the story through drama.  The freeze frames were used to inspire the children when writing in character during their English lessons.

Long term plan 2021 - 2022

Writing key objectives

Maths key objectives

Curriculum spelling list (Y5-6)