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Welcome to year 6


The year 6 team for 2018/19 consists of Mr Archer and Ms Fell (6N), Mr Whitehouse (6M) and our teaching assistants Mrs Dhami (6M) and Mrs Goodyear (6N).


For the final term in year 6, there are lots of exciting things planned: Condover Hall residential, sports' day, transition days to secondary schools and a new enjoyable topic. 


The focus for our learning this term will be based around the theme of Intrepid Explorers.  To support the learning, the fantastic adventure story Kensuke's Kingdom will be used to inspire the children's writing and creative outcomes.  You might like to begin your own research about world famous explorers by investigating the following website:



Remember - wherever you go... go boldly!

Year 6 homework (28th June 2019 - 5th July 2019)

Today has been the final full day here at Condover Hall and it has been a day full of fantastic fun and action packed activities.  Condover Hall has enjoyed all weathers today: sunshine, rain, thunder and lightning. Despite this, the children have enjoyed every minute, whatever the weather.

Today's activities included: descending the abseiling wall; channelling their inner Robin Hood in archery tag; performing brand new circus skills to the group in circus frenzy; sharpening their teamwork abilities in the team challenges; competing in inflatable races and games in the swimming pool for wet and wacky; and scaling new heights on the climbing wall.  The children have completed their jam-packed day with a mini-olympic competition.

All of the children have shared their highlights of the trip and some of the difficult challenges that they have overcome.  They have had such a fantastic time here at Condover Hall and looking forward to their final day of activities.

Condover Hall Day 3 (June 2019)

It has been the first full dry day today here at Condover Hall and the children celebrated it with the water activities of kayaking and raft building out on the lake!  They worked in pairs to manoeuvre their kayak around the lake and complete the different challenges and races.  Although slightly cold and wet, the children then managed to plan and build their own raft and test its bouyancy to the limits.  All of the children enjoyed their time on the lake whilst also enjoying a swim through the chilly waters!

Today's land-based activities consisted of the speedy zip wire,  the ever-patient archery, the challenging climbing wall, the trek through the sensory trail and hunting each other down in the archery tag.

The children have had another packed-out, fun day and completed it with a whole school  team challenge: the runaround quiz.  They have been working together to complete the tricky challenges set around the beautiful Condover Hall estate.

All of the children have been eating very well (fruit and vegetables included!) and are also sleeping well, ensuring that they are all fully rested for the following day's activities. 

Bring on Thursday's challenges...


Condover Hall Day 2 (June 2019)

It has been an action packed day here at Condover Hall with each group enjoying five different activities today.  The continuous rain has not dampened anyone's spirits and driven the children on to challenge themselves even more in the wet.

Today's activities included: braving the dizzy heights of the trapeze; putting physics knowledge to the test for the rocket launch; showing off their swordplay whilst fencing; testing teamwork and listening skills in the sensory trail; braving the lightning speeds of the zip wire; and facing the high challenges of the climbing and abseiling wall.  The evening consisted of some time to dust off their dancing shoes at the disco.

All the children are enjoying the variety of food available at the restaurant and the souvenirs on show in the Condover Hall shop.  

With a dry day planned tomorrow, year 6 are all looking forward to getting wet from the lake activities instead!

Condover Hall 2019 Day 1 (June 2019)

Year 6 arrived safely at Condover Hall and instantly began the first of their many activities for the week.  Group 1 perfected their swordplay whilst fencing and group 2 were refining their aim during archery.  Meanwhile, group 3 were testing their teamwork skills during the muddy sensory trail and group 4 were reaching for new heights on the climbing wall.

After a hearty meal, the children have finished the day with a whole group activity: wide games.  Here, children have been perfecting their teamwork skills in a series of different challenges.  All the children have enjoyed their first few hours and are thoroughly looking forward to their first full day here at Condover Hall.

Year 6 Macbeth showcase (Apr 2019)


On Thursday 11th April, year 6 retold the story of William Shakespeare's dark tale, Macbeth.  The children enjoyed sharing their finished learning and showcasing their drama techniques in front of a captive audience.  Thank you to all the parents and carers who came along to celebrate the children's successes this term.  We were incredibly proud of all the children; they performed confidently and have made great progress during the spring term.  

Indoor athletics county final (Mar 2019)


The children represented Nuneaton and Bedworth against other winners from around the county.  They showed great sportsmanship and dedication in their events during the competition.  Milby finished in 8th place and can feel very proud of their efforts during the competition. 

Well done!

World Book Day 2019 (Mar 2019)


The children in year 6 thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day on Thursday 7th March.  Well done to everyone who dressed as their favourite book character or brought their favourite book in to share.  The children focused on the author Anthony Horowitz and they were enthralled with his fantastic horror stories.  We have had many new converts to this genre of fiction that they have never experienced before!

Year 6 indoor athletics competition (Feb 2019)


Congratulations to all the members of our indoor athletics squad who successfully won the town final and will now represent Nuneaton and Bedworth in the county finals in March.  The children showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout the competition and were great ambassadors for Milby. 


Good luck to everyone involved in the next round!

Milby poetry week (Dec 2018)


In the autumn term, year 6 and the rest of Milby Primary took part in a poetry week.  Every class looked at the text Imagine a Day by Sarah Thomson as the stimulus for their own learning.  The children enjoyed arranging jumbled poems; learning and reciting texts by heart; and innovating and inventing their own poems based on abstract nouns.

Year 6 Roman board games (Dec 2018)


The children finished their Romans topic by creating adventure board games.  They worked together in small teams to design and make all the boards, pieces and instructions.  We are looking forward to sharing and playing them at the forthcoming Roman Showcase at the end of term.

Year 6 Children in Need (Nov 2018)


The children and staff raised lots of money for Children in Need and, through kind donations from home, managed to raise an impressive £675.25!  Year 6 really enjoyed wearing their pyjamas in school for the day and also creating a money trail.  Class 6N managed to make the longest trail in the school which reached a whopping 19.83 metres.


Thank you to everyone who donated.

Year 6 Harvest assembly (Oct 2018)


In the autumn term, year 6 arranged and presented a Harvest assembly for the whole school.  They thought about all of the good things that the earth provides and how it is important to show generosity during this season.  Year 6 helped to collect and collate all of the fantastic food donations which weighed in at an impressive 319.7 kg!


Thank you for your Harvest gifts.

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