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Year 6

Welcome to year 6


The year 6 team for 2019/20 consists of Mr Archer and Mrs Chadwick (6N), Mr Whitehouse (6M) and our teaching assistants Mrs Dhami (6M) and Mrs Diethrich (6N).



The focus for our learning this first term will be based around the theme of the Romans.  The children will be looking closely at the Roman Empire and the legacy left here in Britain when the Romans left.  To support the children with their learning, you might like to begin your own research about the Romans by investigating the following website:






Year 6 homework (15th - 22nd November 2019)

November 2019 - First Aid Training

The children in year 6 enjoyed learning about basic first aid with the help and support of the St John's ambulance team.  They were able to perform a primary survey on injured friends and place them into the recovery position.  The children also had fun whilst learning how to place a bandage on an injury.

Current year 6 maths learning and methods

Current year 6 maths learning and methods 1

Writing key objectives (Y6)

Maths key objectives (Y6)

Curriculum spelling list (Y5-6)

Year 6 long term plan 2019 - 2020

Year 6 autumn curriculum newsletter 2019