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Who's who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Office team

Mrs Evans, School Office Administrator
Mrs Morgan, School Office Administrator

School leadership team

Mrs Aley, Headteacher
Mr Archer, Deputy Headteacher
Mr Whitehouse, Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Woods, Business Manager

Senior leaders

Miss Bland
Mrs Chadwick
Mrs Coates

Teaching staff - foundation stage

Mrs Maguire (FA)
Mrs Finch (FB)

Teaching staff - year 1

Mrs Merrick (1C)
Miss Bland (1D)

Teaching staff - year 2

Miss Cox (2E)
Miss Cunningham (2F)

Teaching staff - year 3

Ms Fell (3G)
Mrs Spence (3G)
Mr Chadaway (3H)

Teaching staff - year 4

Miss Gudgeon (4I)
Mrs Nagra (4J)

Teaching staff - year 5

Miss Brookes (5K)
Mrs Coates (5L)

Teaching staff - year 6

Mr Whitehouse (6M)
Mrs Chadwick (6N)
Miss Patel (6N)

Additional support staff

Miss Bradder, PE Instructor

Teaching assistants

Mrs Carty (foundation)
Mrs Reubens (foundation)
Mrs Jones (year 1)
Miss Warner (year 1)
Mrs Billa-Patel (year 2)
Mrs McGrevey (year 2)
Mrs Richardson (year 2)
Mrs Grimstead (year 3)
Mrs Holder (year 3)
Mrs Compton (year 4)
Miss Pallett (year 4)
Mrs Short (year 4)
Miss Gospel (year 5)
Mrs Nathwani (year 5)
Mrs Diethrich (year 6)
Mrs Dhami (year 6)
Mrs Walker (cover supervisor)
Mrs Whopples (cover supervisor)
Mrs Bayley (SEN)
Mrs Horsfall (pastoral)