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Equality objectives

Milby Primary School stands against all forms of discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability or ability.


This is achieved through the following objectives:

* Deliver a curriculum which ensures that ALL children achieve their full potential and which prepares pupils for life in the 21st century.

* Actively close gaps in attainment and achievement between pupils and all groups of pupils; especially pupils eligible for free-school meals, pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, looked after children and pupils from minority ethnic groups.

* To move beyond the idea that ability is fixed and to model teaching and learning behaviours that encourage a growth mindset.

* To ensure the school environment is as accessible as possible to all pupils, staff and visitors.

* To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experiences, both in and beyond the school.

* To reduce prejudice and increase understanding of equality through direct teaching across the curriculum.