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Welcome to Year 4


Our year 4 team for 2018/19 consists of Miss Gudgeon (4I) and Mr Chadaway (4J), along with our teaching assistants Mrs Nathwani (4I) and Miss Gospel (4J). 

The summer term has finally arrived. We have an exciting term ahead of us filled with some out of this world experiences: the beginning of a new space topic, a trip to the National Space Centre and sport's day.


The focus for our learning this term is space and we are thoroughly looking forward to reading the classic novel War of the Worlds to inspire creative writing. You might like to set out on your very own exploration of space by visiting:



Reach for the sky!



World Book Day (Mar 2019)


Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed World Book Day.  It was wonderful to see everyone who came dressed as their favourite book character or brought their favourite book in to share.  The children spent the day focused on the spellbinding book A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.



Chocolate day (Mar 2019)


As part of our topic on the Ancient Maya and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the children had the opportunity to become Willy Wonka for a day. The children thoroughly enjoyed designing and making their very own chocolate cups and containers.



Safer Internet Week (Feb 2019)


As part of Safer Internet Week, the children created a wide range of work that can be seen on display in the year 4 corridor. The focus for this year's event was consent. The children also looked at a book called Tek which helped them to consider and discuss the amount of time they spend using the online world.



Mayan headdresses (Feb 2019)


The children designed and created their very own Mayan headdresses. Inspiration came from the incredible pictures of ancient paintings and carvings.

Christmas (Dec 2018)

Poetry week (Dec 2018)

Children In Need - Money trail (Nov 2018)



Year 4 and the great egg-speriment (Nov 2018)


As part of our Science topic on the impact of foods and drinks on enamel, the children did a study on the effects that different drinks have on eggshells.

World War Two - The Blitz activity day (Sept 2018)

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